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Midwifery-led Maternity Care

Our form of maternity care focuses on the woman.

We aim to give back the responsibility for the well-being of both mother and child to the mother herself. We will use our knowledge and experience in anatomy and physiology, our training as nurses and midwives, to assess the woman’s physical condition, measure her blood pressure, her and the baby’s pulse, urinalysis, etc. but also leave time and space for emotional care and support, listening to both fear and excitement with hands and heart alike. When necessary we will refer to professional consult and traditional medicine specialists. Antenatal continuity of care include birth story processing, lactation consult and bone closing ceremonies.

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We believe that a healthy pregnancy requires serenity and peace of mind that lead to a happy baby and an empowered and healthier mother. Our Midwifery-led maternity clinic was founded to allow for the holistic, attentive and professional care we believe is necessary for this peace of mind.

During your visit there will be opportunities to talk about your pregnancy and any concerns you may have.

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Birth Story Processing

Taking the time to go through and process one’s birth story step by step has been invaluable to many woman, allowing them both closure and empowering them before their next pregnancy and birth. Observing the various aspects of the pregnancy and birth experience to allow for a better connection to one’s inner resources without hiding or changing the story itself.

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