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Moon-Circles for adolescent girls

In many families, no traditional rite of passage has been offered to its young people for countless generations. For many girls, there was no menarche celebration, no first moon preparations, no honoring, scanty information, but plenty of silence, embarrassment and/or shame when they began to bleed. 

And as their bodies and Selves evolved through adolescence, no one spoke of the sovereignty of their bodies, the naturalness and goodness of pleasure, the importance of tuning into intuition, of speaking one's Truth, of aiming to keep one's commitments, of consent and boundaries and what a healthy relationship looks, sounds and feels like.

Preparing our daughters for puberty, adolescence, their moontime and their human journey.

Moon circles for adolescent girls allow them to listen to each other and share experiences related to the cyclical nature of this tumultuous age of passage.  

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