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We embark on our journey back in time, crossing the space time continuum

We embark on our journey back in time, crossing the space time continuum, leaving behind us the city of Kanazawa, and the home of D.T. Suzuki, the Father of Zen, warping into the Shinkansen spaceship and the reality of our modern lives. A progression originating from singular Japanese aesthetics and the beauty of Zen, transcends to the pleasure of a fresh fish, sliding down your throat, a mixture of human warmth, both familiar and intimately private.

It's time to try and descend from the divine and spiritual to the material essence that clings to your core. Back to the touch and the embrace of loved ones. I have bowed many a time, in both gratitude and astonishment. Japan, your beauty is overwhelming, but I am getting cold, it's time to head home. Thank you Karine Kedar, for the vision, the adventure and all of the surprises in between. Thank you to my new group of friends, caregivers in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, carrying with them a newfound treasure of ancient knowledge. HIBIKI resonating through you from afar… As of next week I return rejuvenated to my two clinics in Tel Aviv – holding precious new insights, flavors and treatments from the land of the rising sun. いただきます Itadakimasu

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