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An important lesson in humility

What makes prenatal care in the small Tokyo Birth House unique? One of the many pictures I will cherish from this visit says it all: A monitor lying beside the midwife-acupuncturists' toolbox – 20 minutes of monitoring followed by an hour of Japanese acupuncture and moxa treatment (Moxa adds heat, moves Qi and regulates Blood).

Every time I think I've gained a fair understanding of how special this place really is, I realize it is only the tip of the iceberg, with another Mount Fuji of endless knowledge hiding just beneath the surface. Our insights, originating from Western Healthcare Conceptions are so different that it seems like an attempt to understand Meridians by opening the anatomical map in the Human Anatomy Atlas. They outline a women's support network by drawing it like delicate needlework on her prenatal care card. Difficulties with breastfeeding are treated by means of a hot water foot-bath for 20 minutes and a massage. Magnetic treatment for uterosacral ligament problems. I realize I won't be able to return home with this knowledge neatly packed into a toolbox, I can only sit in the corner, watch and try to get a sense of substance, and possibly adopt an idea or two. An important lesson in humility. Let's start with outlining a women's support network by drawing on her prenatal care card.

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