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HIBIKI is a Japanese word that means Resonance from Far Away (ひびき - 遙か彼方)

HIBIKI is a Japanese word that means Resonance from Far Away (ひびき - 遙か彼方) Recap: I arrived in Japan with a group of Israeli Traditional Chinese & Japanese Medicine practitioners. Yesterday, during a session with their teacher – Sensei Yasuda – he asked me to tell him when I felt the HIBIKI? A kind of feeling or energy resonating through the body, a reaction to touch and the interaction with the caregiver. When he explained this concept to the Israeli group of acupuncturists, he stressed the fact that they will very often feel this resonance flowing through them before the patient senses anything.

I ask myself if there is a similar process during pregnancy and childbirth? When I returned to the Tokyo Birth House I asked both midwives and patients if they experienced something of the sort during their births? One patient said she felt the HIBIKI resonate from her baby just before her second birth began, as if she was signaling to her that she is ready to come into the world. Then it happened again when she came to give birth and the midwife entered the room and placed her hands on her belly, she felt how the HIBIKI resonates through her. The head midwife in the Birth House – Sensei Hoshino – told me just before we parted ways:" I am a nurse and a midwife, but I am also a conduit of healing energy, passing through my hands to care for my patients…". I remain speechless, thinking how we care for this flow of energy in Western Midwifery, and how all the protocols and medical equipment block our ability to listen to this sacred resonance. In the pictures: Sensei Yasuda in an acupuncture session; Head Midwife Sensei Hoshino treats a ligament problem and pain in the hip joint; A monitor lying in harmony beside Japanese acupuncture equipment.

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